A la carte menu

A la carte

 *** Entrées  ***

King crab from Finmark

Caviar from Gastro Unika, clementine, Finger lime
(D, F, S)



 Langoustine from Frøya
 Asparagus, chanterelle, consommé
(Mo, M, S)



Arctic char

Fennel, Menton lemon sauce

(F, D, Mo)



 Pasta dome
Tuber melanosporum truffle, Comté, chestnut

(GW, D, E, N)


* ** Main Courses ***

Sea bass

Asparagus from Cavaillon, zucchini, ginger vinaigrette
(F, D, S,G)



Pigeon “en crèpinette”

Tuber melanosporum truffle, foie gras


Minimum two persons

450.- per. person


Lamb from Jæren
 Roscoff onion, Marco Polo sauce
(D, Su, GW)



Canard À la presse

 (D, Se, G)

Minimum two persons

Limited servings- Please ask your waiter

640.- per person

45 min preparation time

*** Desserts ***


Cheese Trolley
(D, GW, Su, N)


Omelette norvègienne

Yorkshire rabarber

(D, GW, E, N, Su)


Mont blanc”
Chestnut, sunchoke, sablé


Hazelnuts from Piemont, chocolate
(GW, D, E, Ha)

Small changes may occur due to seasonal products

Gluten, includes: GWheat, GRye, GBarley, goats, GSpelt, GKorasan S = Shellfish, includes: crab, lobster, shrimps, langoustine, scampi etc .
E = Egg
F = Fish

P = Peanuts
So = Soya

D = Dairy Products, Lactose
N = Nut, Includes: Hazelnuts, Walnuts, Caschew, Pecan, Pistachio, Brazilian Nut, Macadamia
Ha = Hazelnuts
Al = Almond
Ce = Celery
M = Mustard, Includes: Mustard powder and Mustard seeds
Se = Sesame
Su = Sulphite
Lu = Lupine, includes: lupine seeds and lupine flour
Mo = Mollusks, includes: clams, snails, octopus, mussels, oysters, cockle, sea urchin, squid, calamari, marine gastropods ect.