A la carte menu

A la carte

 *** Entrées  ***

Platinum Gastro Unika Caviar

Smoked Salmon ,Cress , Radish 


King Crab
Opal Plums , Karots , Ginger
(Mo, M, S)



Veal Sweetbread 

Morell, Jerome Galis petit pois, Pommes puree 

(M, E, G)



 Pike Perch 
Walnuts from Grenoble , Gooseberry , Miso 



* ** Main Courses ***

Turnips, Jerusalem artichoke, Chanterelle, sauce
(F, D, S,G)



Veal " En croute" 

 Cabbage , Sunchoke , Bone Marrow
(D, Su, GW)



Canard À la presse

 (D, Se, G)

Minimum two persons

Limited servings- Please ask your waiter

690.- per person

45 min preparation time

*** Desserts ***


Cheese Trolley
(D, GW, Su, N)


Omelette norvègienne

Norvegian rasberry

(D, GW, E, N, Su)


Mara des bois and Finnøy strawberry

(E, D, F)


 “Foret Noire
Nyangbo Chocolate , Tahitian Vanilla , Cherry and Kirsch Sorbet 
(GW, D, E, Ha)

Small changes may occur due to seasonal products

Gluten, includes: GWheat, GRye, GBarley, goats, GSpelt, GKorasan S = Shellfish, includes: crab, lobster, shrimps, langoustine, scampi etc .
E = Egg
F = Fish

P = Peanuts
So = Soya

D = Dairy Products, Lactose
N = Nut, Includes: Hazelnuts, Walnuts, Caschew, Pecan, Pistachio, Brazilian Nut, Macadamia
Ha = Hazelnuts
Al = Almond
Ce = Celery
M = Mustard, Includes: Mustard powder and Mustard seeds
Se = Sesame
Su = Sulphite
Lu = Lupine, includes: lupine seeds and lupine flour
Mo = Mollusks, includes: clams, snails, octopus, mussels, oysters, cockle, sea urchin, squid, calamari, marine gastropods ect.