Menu Restaurant À L’aise, Oslo

Menu À L`aise



12 Norwegian Vegetables
 Parmesan - Fennel - Tomato from Finnøy

  Poached Zander
Gooseberries - Celery - Walnuts from Grenoble
(Mo, M, F)  

Scallops from Frøya
 Opal Plum -  Onion from Skjærgården - Ginger 
 (G,D, M)

Potato - Chives - Pine nuts

Veau de lait Sweetbread
Morell -  Jerome Galis Petit Pois - Wild Mushroom
(M, E, G)

Veal "En Croute"
Cabbage - Jerusalem Artichoke - Bone marrow
(D, G, E)

"Rødgrød  med Fløde"
Norwegian Berries - Røros Cream 

Foret Noire
Ilanka Chocolate - Tahitian Vanilla - Kirsch sorbet
(D, E, Al)

Tasting menu: 1695,-*

Wine pairing: 1595,-** 

Alain Millat Juice pairing: 460,-
*Small changes might occur based on seasonal products
** Harvests/Producer in the wine pairing may change due to availability