Menu Restaurant À L’aise, Oslo

Menu À L`aise



Beef Tartar
 Wagyu Beef A4 - Kalix Lojrom - Cress Ice Cream 

  Scallops from Frøya
Roasted caramelized celeriac, bergamote sauce
(S, G, F, ) 

 King crab from Finmark, pike perch, Gastro unika gold Kaviar, safran sauce    
 (G, S, F, D)

Grilled Turbot
Artichoke from Asgårdstrand - Fennel - Noilly Prat

"The best from the Duck" 
Cashew puree, red beetroots, rose, long pepper sauce
(N, G, D)

Veal en Croute
Veal from Halstentov gård, cabbage and sunchoke from Hasle gård, bone marrow saouce
(G, E, D)

Clementines from Corsica
Christmas Spices 

Williams Pear
Williams Pear in three textures - Ilanka Chocolate Mousse - Eau de Vie de Poire

Tasting menu: 1795,-*

Wine pairing: 1595,-** 

Alain Millat Juice Selection: 320,-
*Small changes might occur based on seasonal products
** Harvests/Producer in the wine pairing may change due to availability