Menu Restaurant À L’aise, Oslo

Menu À L`aise



 Leek terrine
 King crab, Williams pear, Passe - Crassane pear
(D, S, Mo)

 Scallop from Frøya
Parmesan, white asparagus from Cavaillon, vin jaune
(F, Mo, D)  

Fried quailegg from Sande
 Frog leg, green asparagus Cavaillon, miso sauce
 (Mo, F, D, So)

Arctic char
Rosset cabbage,  Miranda tomato, Safron supreme sauce
(D, F)

Pasta dome
Tuber melanosporum truffle, Comté, chestnut
(D, GW, E, N) 

Quail from Ryfylke
Lavender, spring onion, sauce ragout

 Apple tart “grand mere”

Apple from Limousin, Calvados ice cream
(D, N, GW, Su)

 Pistachio from Sicily
Guanaja milkchocolate, cherry 
(E, GW, D, N)


Menu: 1595.-
Wine pairing: 1595.-
Alain Millat juice: 460.-

Small changes might occur based on seasonal products

G = gluten, includes: GWheat, GRye, GBarley, goats, GSpelt, GKorasan
S = Shellfish, includes: crab, lobster, shrimps, longoustine, scampi etc.
E = Egg
F = Fish
P = Peanuts
So = Soy
D = Dairy Products, Lactose
N = Nuts, Includes: Hazelnuts, Walnuts, Caschew, Pecan, Pistachio, Brazilian Nut, macadamia
Ha = Hazelnuts
Al = Almond
Ce = Celery
M = Mustard, includes: Mustard powder and Mustard seeds
Se = Sesame
Su = Sulphite
Lu = Lupine, includes: lupine seeds and lupine flour
Mo = Mollusks, includes: clams, snails, octopus, mussels, oysters, cockle, sea urchin, squid, calamari, marine gastropods ect.