Menu Restaurant À L’aise, Oslo

Menu À L`aise



Beef Tartar
 Wagyu Beef A4 - Kalix Lojrom - Cress Ice Cream 

  Poached Leek Stems
Parsley Veloute and Puree - Gastrounika Gold Caviar - Norwegian Oysters

Langostine Flan
 Langostine from Frøya - Ginger - Celery - Citrus Consomme   
 (S,Ce,D, E)

Grilled Turbot
Artichoke from Asgårdstrand - Fennel - Noilly Prat

Pasta Dome 
Wild Boar - Parmesan 36 month aged - Alba Truffle Sauce

Duck from Holtegård
Daikon Terrine - Sultana Raisins - Five Spices Sauce

Clementines from Corsica
Christmas Spices 

Williams Pear
Williams Pear in three textures - Ilanka Chocolate Mousse - Eau de Vie de Poire

Tasting menu: 1795,-*

Wine pairing: 1595,-** 

Alain Millat Juice Selection: 320,-
*Small changes might occur based on seasonal products
** Harvests/Producer in the wine pairing may change due to availability