Menu Prestige

Holtegård egg 65 degree 

(E - F - G -M)

Beef tartar,lumpfish roe from Skagen

Quail egg- winter radish 


Asparagus from Mosel

Roasted yeast- Ramson- grilled mousseline sauce

(  G - E)


Scallops from Frøya

Muscat pumpkin - XO bisque

(F - Mo- M)


Wild Halibut

Zuchini-parsley sauce

(F - M - G)


Valdres Pork and Caviar

Rossini  caviar-pork jus



Beef en Croute

Green asparagus from Provence- Morrel sauce

(M - E)


"Waldorf Salad"

(E - M)


"Rhubarb Cheesecake"

Rhubarb from Søllested - White chocolate

(M - E)


Andoa 70% from Valhrona

Hazelnut from Piemonte-blackberry-Chocolate sorbet

(M - E - G)


Menu Prestige 1995,-*

Wine pairing 1895,-**

Non-alcoholic selection 495,-

*Changes in the menu may occure due to avaliability.

**Producers/Vintages in the winepairing may change due to avaliability.

Allergen kode forklaring

Menu Canard à la presse
(only available on Wednesdays and Thursdays)
Menu Canard à la presse 1695,-***


***Changes in the menu may occure due to avaliability.

Menu Canard à la presse must be reserved at least 48 hours prior to arrival.